about us

For over 20 years we’ve been designing websites, CD packaging, posters, advertisements, and a myriad of marketing materials for all shapes and sizes of people, places and things. What began out of necessity for the sake of our first love – music – turned into an inadvertent source of supplemental income.

Word of mouth was our only advertising and over the years, our growing list of clients has both humbled and amazed us.

We are primarily self-taught in computer graphics and while we’ve achieved a high level of skill from years of experience, when it comes to web-sites, we make no claims of flashy bells and whistles that might cost a fortune from a high-tech firm. We can, however, offer you a beautiful design that supports a functional, quality internet presence. Just ask one of our 40 or so clients.

In addition to websites, Annie has designed posters for the likes of Jeff Daniels and John Gorka as well as album art and promotional materials for a long list of fine musicians. She has also created brochures, marketing flyers, ads, Social Media banners, event programs and more.

We’ve always beenĀ  drawn to beautiful things, be it clothing, art, furniture, pottery and of course album art. Stylistically, we gravitate toward a hybrid of rustic, vintage, grungy, elegant, Americana, folkart, funky and playfully serious looks. Annie has an addiction to fonts and flourishes and finds herself spending hours sifting through the incredible stock art available at ridiculously low prices on the internet.

Enough about us … we hope the work speaks for itself.

Please look over the gallery of work and if you like what you see and think we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Email is best: annie@maynardmusic.com